Patient Services – Bereavement Support

Bereavement Support

The hospice continues to care for the patient’s family and carers after death.

Bereavement Support has three approaches:-

  • The Social Workers and trained Bereavement Volunteers hold monthly Bereavement Support Meetings.
  • The Bereavement Service use an objective Assessment Tool to help identify family and carers who may experience difficulties in bereavement.
  • The Community Nurses will contact the bereaved soon after death but the Social Workers will usually take up bereavement work that will be on-going.

The Social Workers run small short-term bereavement groups for younger bereaved partners. These are held in the evenings. Experiences are shared during the evening in an attempt to help people to begin to come to terms with their bereavement.

We also run a specialist bereavement service for children and young people, supporting them through their loved one’s illness and after a death. For more information, please contact the team on 0113 218 5500 or email