Our Carers’ Group

The Carers’ Group at St Gemma’s provides support for those caring for someone with a life-limiting illness. The group meets fortnightly on a Thursday morning and offers a safe space to relax, meet others and seek advice.


What is St Gemma’s Carers’ Group?

Carers are welcomed to our comfortable, light and airy Day Services building by a friendly and experienced team of professionals. Help is available for those feeling stressed, worried and tired as a result of caring for a loved one.


St Gemma’s Carers’ Group offers:

  • A break from the role of caring
  • The opportunity to meet a small, welcoming group of others in a similar situation
  • A chance to share experiences with other carers and offer support to each other
  • A safe, relaxed environment where you can discuss your needs and worries
  • Useful information including leaflets and internet access
  • Access to support and advice including exploration of coping strategies
  • Complimentary hot and cold drinks to accompany a listening ear.
St Gemma's Hospice Carers' Group
St Gemma's Hospice Carers' Group
St Gemma's Hospice Carers' Group

Who can attend the Carers’ Group?

The group is open to everyone who is caring for a loved one with a life-limiting illness. The Carers’ Group is made up of different ages, backgrounds, religions and genders, they all have one thing that acts as the glue that binds them together – caring for someone who is terminally ill.


What to expect on your visit

The Carers’ Group launched in April 2017 and there are now up to 8 people who regularly attend.

Each session is different. There have been speakers on subjects such as complementary therapy, medication, relaxation and healthy eating. Other weeks people are happy to share their issues, support each other and just enjoy the normality of laughing and chatting about everyday things.

The group meets in the St Gemma’s Day Hospice and Out-Patients building, just off Harrogate Road in Moortown and is clearly signposted. If you are travelling by car, at the entrance to the car park, pull up adjacent to the barrier and press the Day Services button to be given access to our free parking. If the car park is full further parking is available within walking distance. St Gemma’s is also easily accessible by bus from Leeds city centre. Our facilities are fully accessible for those with wheelchairs and other mobility issues.

At the end of each session, carers are most welcome to visit our on-site bistro a short walk away, which is open to the public and serves delicious hot and cold food.

If you are interested in attending the Carers’ Group or have any questions, please contact the Family Support Team on 0113 218 5540 or email carers@st-gemma.co.uk

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