Collection Boxes

A little bit can go a long way and our collection boxes are proof of that. Every year, our charity collection boxes that are placed in businesses and homes across Leeds raise enough for over 155 days of patient care. Find out how you can support our patient care by having a collection box or ‘Coins for Caring’ box.

Collection Boxes

Each year, collection boxes raise an amazing £52,000 towards patient care from people placing their pennies in boxes.

Support us by having a collection box in your workplace. We will call every few months to check if the box needs changing and arrange a collection and drop off service as and when needed to make it as easy as possible. We also have boxes with chains for extra security. From post offices, to supermarkets, newsagents to fish and chip shops, if you own or know of a business that would be able to take a box for us, please let us know!

Coins For Caring Boxes

Last year an incredible £17,792 was raised from our supporters having coins for caring boxes in their homes.

These small boxes are available to pick up from the Hospice reception, they can be posted out to you, and are also available from any of our Hospice charity shops around Leeds. Once they are full, you can drop them off at any of our Hospice shops, here at our main reception, or we can come and collect from your house. If you would like a box for your home, please request one here.

St Gemma's Collection Box
Coins for Caring box
Collection boxes