General information

At St Gemma’s we believe it is vital that everyone should be able to get the best out of our website, even if they are not a technical expert, or have any physical reason why using the internet can be challenge. We have aimed to design our website to be as accessible as possible and will continue to make changes over time.

We’ve designed this site with accessibility in mind. Some of the general features include:

  • The use of clear, simple language which is easy to understand
  • The use of common web conventions
  • Avoiding the use of blinking or flickering elements


Help with using websites

There are some very simple changes that you can make to your computer that can make it easier to see, hear, understand or use websites on the internet as well as other programmes on your computer, such as Word for Windows, You can change the text size, colours, using a magnifier, use your keyboard instead of the mouse or make your mouse easier to use, as well as other things.

Detailed information and instructions can be found on the BBC website: My Web My Way http://www.bbc.co.uk/accessibility/index.shtml alongside links to other useful resources.


Font and text size

We’ve tried to use clear, legible font for all text and headings.

  • To increase text size on our website press both “Ctrl” and “+” keys
  • To decrease text size on a website press both “Ctrl” and “-” keys (or “apple” symbol key and “-“ for Apple Mac computers users)


Images, videos and other non-text elements

We’ve done our best to make it possible to use our site without having to view graphics or images, by providing descriptive alt attributes for them and are working to ensure this is consistent across our whole website.


Links and navigation

Structuring a website so it is simple and streamlined to use helps to improve the experience for all. For example, placing page items in a logical order and making the website easy to navigate helps people with visual impairments, motor deficiencies and cognitive disabilities.

  • To move down a page without using the mouse, press the downward arrow key
  • To move up a page without using the mouse, press the upward arrow key


Pop-up windows

Our website does not use pop-up windows unless they are appropriate. Acceptable cases, for example, are when it is important to see the browser window you’ve just navigated from in the background.