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Make a Will Month

How does Make a Will Month work?

Make a Will Month is a great opportunity to have your Will written by a local solicitor in return for a donation to St Gemma’s. Throughout October, law firms across Leeds will be providing their Will-writing services at no cost to the Hospice. The scheme aims to raise funds while also making it easier for local people to write or update their Will.

Why a write a Will?

A Will ensures that your money, property and possessions (known as your ‘estate’) will go to the people and causes that you care about. Many people find the prospect of making a will daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. Your solicitor will guide you through the process to ensure that your wishes are respected. Having clear instructions about your wishes can be a huge comfort to your family and friends, making things easier at a very difficult time.

Mark and Nicky

“We contemplated making a Will and, like everyone else, never got round to it. When we saw ‘Make a Will Month’ advertised we thought, “What better way to make a Will whilst also benefiting the amazing work St Gemma’s Hospice does!” It’s important to ensure that, in the event of either of us passing away, our wishes are carried out.”
Mark & Nicky Corkhill

How much does it cost?

All the participating solicitors are providing their time and expertise at no cost to St Gemma’s so please consider the value of their time when you decide how much to donate instead of their fee.

The suggested donation is £100 for a basic single Will or £150 for a basic mirror Will. Your solicitor will ask you to make your donation direct to St Gemma’s when you sign your Will.

Please note that this is not a Free Will Scheme. We do ask you to make a donation to the Hospice in return for your solicitor’s time.

How do I make a donation?

Please make your donation when you return to sign your Will. Please ensure you do this within 8 weeks of your initial Will-writing appointment.

Please make your donation online, over the phone on 0113 218 5555, or by sending a cheque payable to ‘St Gemma’s Hospice’ to St Gemma’s Hospice, 329 Harrogate Road, Moortown, Leeds LS17 6QD.

Are there any extra costs?

All the solicitors taking part in the scheme are waiving their fees for simple Wills. If your Will is more complex there may also be an additional fee to pay. Please discuss your requirements with your solicitor when you make your appointment. Before they start the work, they will let you know if there will be any additional costs.

“We send our grateful thanks to all the local solicitors taking part in ‘Make a Will Month’ to make Will-writing more accessible to our supporters and help raise funds for St Gemma’s Hospice.”

Georgia Duffy, Clinical Nurse Specialist at St Gemma’s

Do I need to include a gift for St Gemma’s in my Will?

You may wish to include a gift for St Gemma’s in your Will.

How do I book an appointment?

Appointments will be available to book from 1 September 2022. To make an appointment please call your chosen solicitor and quote ‘St Gemma’s Make a Will Month’. Each firm is providing a limited number of places, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

If you take part in ‘Make a Will Month’ there’s no obligation to include St Gemma’s in your Will, and you don’t need to let us know your intentions. Your Will is a private matter between you and your solicitor. However, we hope that supporters taking part in the scheme will consider including a small gift to help local families in years to come.

What types of appointments are available?

Different firms may provide office appointments, home visits, video calls or telephone appointments. Please ask your chosen solicitor what type is available. If you need a home visit there may be an extra charge extra for this.

Find out more

To request a free, no obligation guide to the ‘Make a Will Month’ scheme please email anna.murphy@st-gemma.co.uk or call Anna on 0113 306 9170.

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