St Gemma’s Hospice Strategy 2018 – 2028

In 2018 we launched a new Hospice strategy outlining our ambitions for the next 10 years (2018- 2028.) The strategy was developed with a clear understanding about the strategic direction for palliative and end of life care from both a national and local perspective. The Hospice strategy fits within the wider context and direction of travel for our health and social care economy, local community and reflects current research findings.

Hospice Strategy

It is vital that we understand the direction of palliative and end of life care both nationally and locally as well as the wider context of the health and social care economy. The strategy incorporates insights from Hospice staff and volunteers across a wide range of departments to consider the delivery of care, the Hospice estate, academic development and financial sustainability in an environment of complex change.

Evidence for change
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STGH University Teaching Hospice
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