Organise Your Own Fundraising

It costs around £11 million a year to keep St Gemma’s Hospice running. We can only do this with your support and the huge difference you can make!

It’s easy to get started planning your own fundraising event or challenge, but our fundraising team is here every step of the way to help you make your fundraising a success. Contact us on fundraising@st-gemma.co.uk or 0113 218 5559 to see how we can support your event!

Got a fundraising idea?

We know that our supporters are a creative bunch, so if you have an idea that we haven’t mentioned then we’d love to hear it!

Whatever your idea is, we can help you to plan your event or challenge and give you lots of support along the way. We can also provide a copy of our fundraising guide and materials such as collection buckets, decorations and more to help make your plans a success.

Get in touch at fundraising@st-gemma.co.uk or 0113 218 5559 to tell us your idea!