Spiritual Care Team

The St Gemma’s Spiritual Care Team are here to care for the pastoral and spiritual needs of the whole Hospice community. Pastoral and spiritual care is for everyone: for people of all religions and none.

You do not have to follow a particular faith; we will respond to everyone as we find them. Not everyone has a religious faith but we all have a spirituality which is unique to us and represents all that is important in our lives. We will attempt to get to know you as you are.

The members of the Spiritual Care Team work alongside patients, staff and relatives within the whole Hospice community. To contact a chaplain or to request a visit from a representative of another faith community, please contact the Hospice on 0113 218 5500 or ask any member of staff.

Chapel candles
Caring Hands
Chapel Service

For patients and their relatives

Coming into the Hospice can be an anxious time. The Spiritual Care Team are available to meet with, to be with, to listen or to talk things through with patients and their families. We also provide the opportunity for individual prayer and facilitation and support for patients throughout the Hospice to observe religious practices and rituals, and arrange for representatives of other faith communities to visit as appropriate.

Services and prayers in the chapel

The Hospice Chapel is in the main Reception area. It is a multi-faith space open for anyone to use day or night, and is used regularly by patients, relatives/carers and staff as a place of quiet, prayer and reflection. Apart from the formal services (when it is asked that the chapel space and particular faith tradition be respected) the chapel is always open for prayer.

Bedside communion/rites and rituals

For patients who are too unwell to come down to the chapel, a member of the chaplaincy can visit them to bring communion to them at their bedside. Likewise, visits from your own clergy or clergy from your faith will be arranged. Normally, you will be asked if you have any such needs so that we can arrange them for you.

Monday to Friday at 11.30am there is a Catholic Mass in the Chapel.

Each Tuesday at 2.00pm there is a service celebrated in the chapel by the by a local Church of England minister.

Each Wednesday at 2.00pm there is a sevice held in the chapel, led by Methodist/Free Church ministers. This service takes different forms and anyone is welcome to attend.

Holy books from different faiths, prayer mats and private space can be provided for anyone requiring them for prayer and religious practice. We will try to provide anything needed to help people practise their religion.

Remembrance books in the chapel

There are books of remembrance at the back of the chapel. These record the names of all our patients, members of staff and volunteers who are deceased.

The chaplaincy team link in with the bereavement support mornings and occasionally offer opportunities for worship.

Memorial services are arranged every two months and families receive a personal invitation near the time of the first anniversary.