Be Part of Our Future Through a Gift in Your Will

In years to come your gift could make a big difference, giving a patient and their family peace and dignity at the end of life…

“We saw a level of care that was very much more than nursing. It was on a level that a family member would care for their own. We all felt loved, not just visitors. The ‘care’ was exactly that, a loving approach to someone’s end of life needs and also maintaining an environment that was comforting, soothing, calm and dignified.”

Together, we can make every day count for patients and their families in the future.

Your gift will provide important care, comfort and support to patients and families, so they can make the most of the precious time they have left.

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Once you have provided for your loved ones, thinking about the Hospice today can make a real difference to those who may need St Gemma’s in the future.

Gifts of any size fund vital items of equipment that help to provide pain relief, 24-hour nursing care, as well as the little extras, which all make a real difference in helping patients and families make the most of each and every day.

A gift in your Will won’t cost you anything now but will care for future generations.

In this video, Christian and Daxa tell their stories about the support they’ve received from St Gemma’s services.

A gift of just 1% of your estate can make a big difference

Gifts in Wills can light the way for patients, families and friends.

In this video, Sita talks about the care she and her husband Calvin received, and why Calvin decided to leave a gift to St Gemma’s in his Will.

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