Young People’s Service

We provide information and support for children and young people when someone in their family is seriously ill or has died.

The St Gemma’s Young People’s Service arranges all kinds of fun activities for children of all ages, to help them cope with their feelings and worries.

  • We meet with children, young people and their families.
  • We sometimes do activities such as artwork or an activity book. We also talk about the person who is ill or has died.
  • We are used to talking about difficult things and don’t mind if you get upset.
  • Sometimes groups of children and young people meet together to talk about how things are.
  • If we are working with a child or a young person and they ask a question, we will answer it openly and honestly.

For more information about the service, please contact the young people’s team on 0113 218 5500 or email  FamilySupportTeam@st-gemma.co.uk

If have lost a family member or someone special, this information may help you or a younger relative to understand what you/they are feeling:

Looking after yourself is very important, even though you might not feel like it. Here are some ideas that can help you to cope:

  • Talk to family members and friends about the special person
  • Ask questions
  • Find ways of expressing your feelings – you could write a diary, a poem or draw a picture
  • Talk to other people if you need help or support
  • Start a memory box or folder to put things in to help build memories about the special person
  • Write a card to the special person
  • Look after yourself by exercising and eating well
  • Ask for help in school or college
  • Check out the websites listed
  • Do a fun activity

After someone special has died, you might hear some words being used that you haven’t heard before. Here are some useful definitions:

Bereavement is the time after someone has died.

Death is when someone has died and their body has stopped working.

Funeral and Cremation
A funeral is a time when people who knew the dead person get together to remember and say goodbye to them. As part of the funeral the body
is either buried in a coffin or cremated (this means the body is burnt).

Grief is the sad thoughts and feelings you have after someone has died.

Hospice is a place where people can visit or stay when they are seriously ill. Some people do die at the hospice, the hospice tries to make them comfortable and stop as much pain as possible.

Terminal Illness is an illness where people will try to help them with their pain but sadly they won’t get better.

These are some words that can help you to express what you are feeling:


Child and Social Worker
Child and Social Worker